Morocco Vision on Women Empowerment


     “Deeply convinced of the crucial importance of mobilizing all of the nation’s stakeholders in order to achieve comprehensive, sustainable development, I have sought to enhance the role and involvement of women in all economic, political, social and cultural sectors. Our ultimate goal is to enable all our citizens — without exception — to reap benefits from the country’s modernization and progress.
To this end, Morocco is resolutely pressing ahead with efforts to achieve gender equality in terms of rights and obligations, particularly through the optimal implementation of the Family Law, which has given women a status that safeguards their dignity while guaranteeing justice and fair treatment. Similarly, the Nationality Act has been reviewed, especially to enable Moroccan women who are married to non-Moroccan men to pass on their nationality to their children.
Pressing ahead with efforts in this regard, I was keen to see gender equality enshrined in the Constitution, which was massively endorsed by the Moroccan people in July 2011.
In this respect, all constitutional provisions regarding the basic rights and freedoms of citizens give women the same rights and obligations as men, thus empowering women to participate fully in public life.”